I was born in Buenos Aires in 1975. When I was young I started travelling around Argentina as hiker and mountaineer. I just felt in love with Patagonia. Since 2001 I live in Bariloche, North Patagonia. I work as a fishing guide around Patagonia, and Norway.

Photography is my way to share what I can see, and how I understand the world that surround us.

mauro ochoa

Art Exhibitions:

BAphoto 2020 – Diego Ortíz Mugica Gallery.
BAphoto 2019 – Diego Ortíz Mugica Gallery.
BAPhoto 2018 – Diego Ortíz Mugica Gallery.


2019 – 4/2019 Chasing Silver Magazine, Finnland.
2019 – 2/2019 Chasing Silver Magazine, Finnland.