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I was born in Buenos Aires in 1975. When I was young I started as an outdoor enthusiast, traveling around Argentina and Latin America as a hiker and mountaineer. I tried an academic life, studying linguistics and literature; but the desire for wilderness, the mountains and open spaces was stronger. 

I fell in love with Patagonia some years ago. Since 2001 I have been living in Bariloche, North Patagonia; surrounded by Nahuel Huapi National Park. By that time I started working as a fishing guide around Patagonia, and few years later in Norway.

Photography for me was a great interest since I was a kid. My mother's Konica C35 was the first ever camera I saw and use, sometimes without permission. The jewel of the family.

Photography is my way to share what thrills me, how I understand just a piece of the world that surround us.